Meet the Sentient Science team at BOOTH #C3245 at the HAI Heli-Expo C3245 at the Las Vegas Convention Center .

Sentient Sponsored Panel Discussion with Rotor & Wing: Wednesday, 28 February 13:30-14:00 Booth #C3245 in the first time exhibitors . 

Panel Discussion 1:30 p.m. Wednesday, Feb. 28 Led by Rotor & Wing International at Booth #C3245 (in the first-time pavilion):
How Digitalization is Transforming the Aerospace Industry at Heli-Expo


  1. How to achieve savings of 13% of revenue with Big Data and Materials Science
  2. Digital tools leading to greater integration of technologies to improve data sharing between operators & OEMs
  3. Supply chain optimization and improved sustainability with long-term forecasting
  4. How platforms make it possible to create a genuine ecosystem with new functionality and services

Lead by: Woodrow Bellamy, Editor In Chief Rotor & Wing International

Panelists Include:

  • CHC Helicopter: Dave Balevic, SVP Engineering & Operations
  • Bell Helicopter: Scott Drennan, Director of Engineering innovation
  • Honeywell: Phil Herman, Director Marketing, Services & Connectivity
  • Sentient Science: Jason Rios, Vice President of Aerospace
Technology Presentations in Booth Throughout the Conference: 
  • Lowering the Cost Per Flight Hour - Ward Thomas, Chief Executive Officer
  • DigitalClone Bearing Product Introduction - Brian Wilson, Chief Digital Officer, Drivetrain Systems
  • How to Value Digitalization - Ed Wagner, Chief Marketing Officer
  • Qualification Standards for Additive Manufactured Parts - Dr. Nathan Bolander, Chief Technology Officer  
  • DigitalClone Technology Deep Dive - Dr. Nathan Bolander, Chief Technology Officer 
  • Digital Testing for Drivetrain Optimization - Andrew Vechart, Principal Engineer, Aerospace
  • Government Funded R&D Programs Impacting Commercial Offerings - Dr. Nathan Bolander, Chief Technology Officer
  • Commercializing DigitalClone in Wind & Aerospace - Ed Wagner, Chief Marketing Officer 

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