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Inside The Wind Challenge: Supplier Insight into New Revenue Opportunities with Digitalization Platform

Date: Wednesday, November 29th | Time: 11:00AM EST | Duration: 45 mins

We are hosting a private webinar for suppliers  who competed against each other in The Wind Challenge. The discussion will focus on the learnings from the virtual wind turbines (GE, Vestas, Siemens/Gamesa) played by over 1,000 people in The Wind Challenge and the incremental revenue gain to the supplier community from the life extension actions.

The Wind Challenged showed us all that: 

  1. By knowing the “life extension” outcomes from uptower and downtower maintenance events, operators will schedule more actions to keep their assets healthy. This means more revenue to the supplier community.
  2. By aggregating the maintenance actions, we create economies of scale by pooling operator demand and providing 5-10 year forecasts for uptower and downtower maintenance events. 
  3. You can compete with your newest products online without the cost of direct sales. New products are compared by life and cost data for each maintenance action, giving you an edge to increase market share at almost no cost.

The next wind challenge will feature operators and suppliers playing as group to lower their costs and to extend the life of their assets.

Please reach Natalie Hils, Director of Revenue Marketing with any questions prior to the webinar. or +1.716.807.8655