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Inside The Wind Challenge: Impact of Life Extension Actions to Return $10 per MW to the Operator 

Date: Wednesday, November 28th | Time: 11:00AM EST | Duration: 45 mins

We are hosting a private webinar for the operator community who competed against each other in The Wind Challenge. The discussion will focus on the learnings from the virtual wind turbines (GE, Vestas, Siemens/Gamesa) played by over 1,000 people in The Wind Challenge and the financial impact life extension actions have on the operating costs of the wind farm. We estimated a return of $10/MW to the operator.

The Wind Challenge demonstrated:

  1. Wind experts understand which maintenance actions achieve the most life extension. With the right data, they now have the financial justification to ask for the right funding!
  2. If you aggregate the lifeX actions, the replaced bearings, the lubrications, etc. as a group, the outcome is economies of scale which enables inventory cost reductions by 30%.
  3. If you give operators the Bill of Materials data they need, they can extend the life of wind assets through Buy on Life transactions with their suppliers.  
  4. If you have the data, you can lower LTSA costs, insurance costs, crane costs and reduce the number of uptower climbs!

The next wind challenge will feature operators and suppliers playing as group to lower their costs and to extend the life of their assets.

Please reach Natalie Hils, Director of Revenue Marketing with any questions prior to the webinar. or +1.716.807.8655