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Do you have what it takes to win the Wind Challenge?

The Wind Challenge is an online game that takes you to Greenland, where you’ll find yourself on a virtual wind farm combining a mix of turbine types, all using different components and data sets. 

These turbines are facing serious issues: your mission is to take action to extend the lifetime of these turbines for the longest possible time and at the lowest possible cost!

  1. Compete against your fellow wind experts to prove you have what it takes to make your turbine last the longest.
  2. Extend the life of your wind turbines for the most number of months at the lowest repair costs.
  3. Play often and test out strategies on multiple wind turbine technology types.
  4. Compete to be the player with the most life-extension actions. 
How can you play?
  1. Get your wind farm.
  2. Pick your turbine of choice.
  3. Choose life extension action(s) to extend asset life.
  4. Buy on Life, not just price and delivery.
  5. Try to out-strategize your opponents.
The challenge is open to players from all around the world – making this a globalbattle for life extension. Each turbine in the fleet will get a Net Present Repair Cost (NPRC) at the end of the challenge. The winners will be those who manage to extend the turbine’s life the longest, at the lowest NPRC.

What can you win?

The Wind Challenge winners will be announced on 26 September at the Global Wind Summit in Hamburg. If you’re a winner, you don't need to be in Hamburg, we'll contact you! 

There will be a total of 5 winners:
  1. The player that achieves the most life extension in months at the cheapest NPRC (Net Present Repair Cost).
  2. Second prize goes to the player that extends life the longest at the cheapest NPRC for two types of GE Wind Turbines.
  3. Third prize goes to the player that extends life the longest at the cheapest NPRC for two types of Vestas Wind Turbines.
  4. Fourth Prize goes to the player that extends life the longest at the cheapest NPRC for two types of Siemens Gamesa Wind Turbines.
  5. And fifth prize goes to the player with the best life extension actions as judged by a panel of wind experts
Think you have what it takes to win? Then what are you waiting for?


  1. Compete for the longest life extension strategy at the lowest Net Present Repair Cost (NPRC) - this is a fancy way of saying keep your costs down through strategic thinking! 
  2. Watch how the maintenance actions impact the life extension of the machines
  3. Your goal is the take actions that extend the life of the wind turbine the most (calculated in months) at the lowest NPRC
  4. First prize is a  2018 SSR 110 Pit Bike as dictated by The Leaderboard - showcased on your dashboard and at The Global Wind Summit
  5. Three (3) DJI Mavic Pro Drones will be given to the players that achieve the most life extension at the lowest cost for the GE, Vestas and SGRE wind turbines in their fleet. 
  6. A panel of judges will be scoring the new life extension actions added to The Wind Challenge by players. 
  7. Two JBL Charge 3 Speakers will be given to the player that adds the best new life extension action to the software as judged by the panel.


  1. Login to play!
  2. Watch your wind farm be configured (it may take a moment as it's located in Greenland)
  3. Take the tour
  4. Select your first turbine to work on - it can be a GE, Vestas or SGRE turbine
  5. Begin taking actions meant to extend turbine life 
  6. Make sure you keep your costs low! 
  7. Play on multiple wind turbines in your fleet to increase your chances to win the top prizes. 
  8. If there's an action you would take that's not a pre-calculated options, add your own and enter a chance for the fifth prize of two JBL Charge 3 Speakers
  9. Watch your score climb the leaderboard 
  10. If you're of the five top category scorers at 2 PM CET on Wednesday, Sept. 26, we'll contact you to claim your prize!
  11. Good luck! And let us know your feedback after you compete in The Wind Challenge


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There will be a total of five winners for the challenge. Play for the chance to win a pit bike or a drone.  Announced at Global Wind Summit, September 26! The winner does not have to be in attendance at the Global Wind Summit to win - after all we're digital!

 The wind challenge is a digital playground to test your life extension strategies

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Data can be very powerful when looking for ways to open new revenue streams. Through life prediction, life extension and strategy The Wind Turbine Challenge gives you the power to make decisions on the life extension actions to take to maintain your wind turbine(s) at the optimal return on investment.   


The Wind Turbine Challenge gives the technicians a chance to show off their knowledge, test their O&M ideas in a virtual space and compete to have the longest lasting turbine in the industry - globally!
-neal gynGard (tcgm)